VIP / Corporate Charter

When choice and flexibility are your priority, private charter is a practical, cost-effective means of conducting business. VIP aircraft charter has many advantages over scheduled and commercial airlines. For a corporate travel or small group travels, we are not restricted by anything but what you might need. Our tailored service gives you the luxury of choice.

Aircraft Chartering Philippines

Travel in comfort and style with a range of VIP service such as transfers to and from the airport by helicopters, for landing or take off from remote areas such as hotel and restaurant helipads, hospitals, yacht, golf courses, city center helipads and any other prime venue. Multiple locations can be accessed in a single day.

Our dedicated VIP account managers tend to each detail providing the discreet and attentive service you expect. We also arrange the appropriate mode of transportation to and from destinations which do not require air transport. Forget stressful travel arrangements, with Airgurus we guarantee air logistics supremacy. We understand that when it comes to you, a charter flight is more than a luxury it’s a necessity.

VIP Aircraft

All your needs will be handled by personable staff for a stress free experience.

As the trusted leading air charter company, Airgurus' commitment to every inquiry and booking is given unique attention. We make your safety our guarantee with contingencies in place for every reason from technical checks, to weather conditions, or last-minute itinerary adjustments. We ensure you get to where you need to be on time, every time!

VIP Chartering

Airgurus Ltd. Co. always works within the guidelines of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) ensuring that every aircraft utilized works within strict guidelines in terms of aircraft management schedules, correct insurance policies, etc.

We offer the complete professional service.