Traffic Reporting

The last "eye-in-the-sky" news report you saw might very well have been filmed from Airgurus Ltd. Co aircraft. Currently we are the trusted leader in the aviation industry of the Philippines. Our aircraft and helicopters have been used in applications such as police work, television news reporting, instrument flight training, and radio traffic reporting. We have provided you with accurate road condition reporting for traffic congestion, detours and traffic accidents in the past.

Airgurus new state of the art Bell 206L-3 can move from one end of the city to another in minutes. It has been equipped with on-board audio or video editing suites, enabling accurately diagnosed traffic problems help acquire alternative route solutions.

Every Airgurus pilot is an expert at providing accurate information about present conditions prevailing in any particular area. We own a fleet of specialized aircraft, the best pilots, and the latest technology.

We feature an intuitive interface that addresses the need to quickly locate and queue up video from events as they happen. News producers and traffic reporters can adjust flight altitude, viewing angle, while flying over speed, and zoom-in wherever the traffic or other news story is. We can adapt the aircraft so each radio or TV station is provided up-to-the-minute, live report on traffic conditions.