Sling Load Operations

Airgurus Ltd. Co. is the leading helicopter charter company in the Philippines. We have the experience to provide you with all your sling load and lifting needs.

From high-rise and penthouse needs, rooftop placements, general construction and concrete placements, cellular tower construction, air conditioning unit installations, remote access materials, construction lift, transmission power line installations to anything else off the ground we have the capability for the job.

Airgurus' ground crew can ensure your load is safely and accurately placed where you want it. Our service can keep your cost to a minimum. Helicopters are a more cost effective solution than land-based cranes in certain situations. When you choose air transport as a means for your sling load transfer, Airgurus understands that for you, time is truly of the essence.

Once you select the time and location, whether locally, regionally or nationwide, we will handle the process for you. All items being transported to remote areas are slung under helicopters on a long line for safe and dependable delivery. Our Management Team will give you a competitive quote on that next lift job. Remember that Airgurus offers solutions for a variety of rigging for lift operations.

At Airgurus Ltd. Co., the combination of helicopter capability and our professional pilot skills to hover with loads slung beneath has allowed us to reach to inaccessible places, conduct offshore operations and even save lives!