2013 Goals: Additional Aircraft For Air Ambulance

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The term "Air Ambulance" (a specially outfitted aircraft that transport the sick or injured in a medical emergency or over distances or terrain impractical for a conventional ground ambulance) used to be unknown in the Philippines.

Medical Evacuation Airgurus

Airgurus Finalizes Deal To Acquire Two More Aircraft For 2014

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Airgurus Lt. Company is starting the year right. The number one air ambulance in the Philippines has finalized a deal for two more aircraft as they enter the first quarter of 2014. The aircraft for purchase will be a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft. Both will have more space for the capacity to seat more passengers and hold the latest advanced life support system equipment best suited for transporting patients. The models and make shall be in the blog entries to follow.

Exciting & Challenging 3rd Quarter 2012

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Airgurus' 3rd quarter of 2012 was fun-filled... starting off with the arrival of "Hawkeye"... our pet name for our recently acquired chopper, Bell 206 BIII Jet Ranger. The rest of the period was filled with a lot of helicopter tours, corporate / VIP charters and medical evacuations (MEDEVAC) all over the country.