Airgurus is Miss World Philippines Official Air Taxi

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Airgurus Ltd. Co., the number one helicopter and aircraft charter company in the Philippines has joined the roster and growing number of sponsors of Miss World Philippines 2011.

Airgurus will transport the official candidates of Miss World Philippines 2011 to their various activities and destinations.

A Loving Dad Fulfilling His Daughter's 15th Birthday Wish

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A thrilling way to see the growing and bustling Metro Manila is via a chopper ride which can surely make loved ones happy especially, when it is a teenage daughter's birthday wish. Mr. Anthony Pangilinan... a loving father, husband, Christian, speaker and missionary, treated his beloved daughter, Ella... for a ride of her life on her 15th birthday via Airgurus helicopters!

Helicopter Tour as Birthday Gift

Aerial Photography in the Philippines

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Aerial photography is all about documentation. Whether it be a hobby for a photographer, a part of a memorable trip, a coverage for any event (i.e., weddings, sports activities, etc.), a geological survey or mapping, business, etc., it is really for documentation for whatever purpose it may serve you.