Air Ambulance Case Number 822 Appendicitis

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Classified as an medical emergency requiring an Air Ambulance, Appendicitis is a condition characterized by the inflammation of the appendix that in most cases, requiring the removal of the inflamed appendix either by laparatomy or laparoscopy.

Ambulansyang De Elisi by Jessica Soho

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Saving lives 24/7 in the Philippines is the company, Airgurus. Jessica Soho, a notable Filipino broadcast journalist, documentarian, news director featured Airgurus last August 1, 2011 on GMA7's "Brigada" for the company's remarkable air ambulance services in the Philippines as reported by Bernadette Reyes.

New Emergency Rescue Takes Off

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It is a scary thought: you are seriously ill or injured and need to get to a hospital in Manila now.

You have only three options: emergency airlift, take a commercial flight, or go to Kalibo's hospital.