Mocha Girls' Orgasmic Helicopter Ride Via Airgurus

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The Mocha Girls were invited to perform on the first night of Ad Congress held in Camsur, Philippines, specifically at the Governor's Ball and had some flight dilemmas that the organizers thought the girls wouldn't be able to make it to the performance.

Charter Airgurus Helicopters: Helicopter Rent and Hire

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Helicopter charter for rent or for hire in Manila and anywhere in the Philippines with Airgurus is always dealt in a speedy and proficient manner. To meet your exact requirements, we offer a wide range selection of the most cost-effective helicopters we own and operate.

Airgurus Ltd. Co. on Google+

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Airgurus, the best company to call for your helicopter and other aircraft needs is on the best social networking solution, Google+.

Google+ launched yesterday its' business pages and we at Airgurus immediately created our own page profile. Follow us there by clicking on this link

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