Airgurus Deploys Choppers To Tacloban For Typhoon Haiyan Rescue Operations

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The devastation left after Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) is still staggering. Many of the affected areas have still not yet started working on rebuilding their communities as there is still a need to fill the most basic commodities (electricity, shelter, clean water, medicine, basic goods, etc.).

Airgurus is dedicated to helping in any way they can. As the country’s trusted leader in medical air transportation Airgurus does their part in giving aid by deploying choppers for rescue operations. These assist the multi-national force sending a steady stream of relief supplies to devastated areas in and around the city of Tacloban. Airgurus also provides sling load and lifting operations to Tacloban since much of the infrastructure is torn apart. Major roads are no longer accessible making air transport, in some cases, the only possible way to reach the most devastated areas. Daily loading and flight operations will continue the steady stream of relief supplies to the displaced locals into the months ahead. To date, more than 630,000 pounds of relief aid has been distributed.

Once these immediate needs for the basic necessities have been met and the body count finally tallied these communities will get to begin rebuilding their lives and reclaiming their lost livelihood. Airgurus hopes to inspire everyone that can lend a hand to the Filipinos from these communities to do so.