Airgurus Acquires Pneupac Parapac 310 Ventilator

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Becoming the trusted leader in any industry means a significant investment in technology. As the number 1 air ambulance company in the Philippines and one of the leading medevac providers in Asia, Airgurus keeps ahead with the acquisition of the Pneupac ParaPAC Plus 310.


ParaPAC Plus 310 is the most recent model of the trusted brand in mechanical ventilation, Pneupac of Smiths Medical. This range of products is designed to help with breathing, enabling great control of breathing parameters with the help of trained medical professionals. In most rescue operations this is the device placed over the nose and mouth that helps trauma victims get air into their lungs when they need help or can’t do it at all.

This equipment gives the versatility to deliver oxygen therapy, CPAP (Constant Positive Airway Pressure), demand oxygen and mechanical ventilation all from one compact, lightweight unit. Among its' main features is a built-in oxygen therapy facility, an integrated PEEP (positive end-expiratory pressure) function, luminescent manometer, a display of inspiratory and expiratory pressure and manual ventilation control for compliance with CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) ratios and CPAP which has a setting of 0.5 liters per minute of oxygen all the way up to 35 liters per minute.

When Airgurus was founded, the biggest hurdle that CEO and founder Harry Harvey Lero wanted to overcome was shortening the response time. So he and the Airgurus team strategized every angle. From the time the call is made, everything from the red tape to top of the line equipment is calculated for overcoming that time crunch in mind. The most important quality of medical equipment is maintaining patient stability. This is where sophisticated technological engineering comes in, most especially for the equipment used when the victim has to be moved around. Under these circumstances it has to be light, not sensitive to movement, and reliable. These are exactly what Pneupac products are best known for.

MRI compatibility gives maximum flexibility for transport.

Airgurus covers every angle of the medical problem before the problem even exists. That’s why Airgurus is the most trusted air ambulance / medevac company in the Philippines and around Asia.

Airgurus... anytime and anywhere in Asia.