Airgurus Finalizes Deal To Acquire Two More Aircraft For 2014

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Airgurus Lt. Company is starting the year right. The number one air ambulance in the Philippines has finalized a deal for two more aircraft as they enter the first quarter of 2014. The aircraft for purchase will be a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft. Both will have more space for the capacity to seat more passengers and hold the latest advanced life support system equipment best suited for transporting patients. The models and make shall be in the blog entries to follow.

“Emergency medical care has been growing at a steady rate in the Philippines, mostly due to the growing tourist and business industry. We expect to add more medical experts to our staff and even have our own hangar in the near future to anticipate the needs of our local and global partners, as well as our clients,” according to Capt. Harry Lero, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Pilot of Airgurus Ltd. Co., “as the economy grows so does the demand for the best emergency medical care.”

The two aircraft to be purchased will not only be the best for the job, their new advanced life support system shall also be carefully chosen for the job. In every medical emergency, Airgurus covers every angle of the medical problem before the problem even exists. That’s why Airgurus is the most trusted air ambulance / medevac company in the Philippines and around Asia.

Airgurus... anytime and anywhere in Asia.