Godfather Of Medevac

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Necessity is the mother of invention. This is the case for Captain Harry Harvey Lero, the founder and CEO of Airgurus, the only medevac company in the Philippines. Incidentally, the first medevac case was through the wife of a friend. She called in with an emergency of a foreigner friend of hers that got into an accident on the distant shores of Boracay. At the time Capt. Harry had no helicopter of his own, so it was a risk for him to take on the quest. However, he got on his feet, and thinking fast he got rented the helicopter. Then he picked up the foreigner fellow and his wife and flew them to Makati Medical. This all happened in a span of four hours. Which for those who are not familiar with what it takes to execute a medical evacuation, is impressive as first missions go. Needless to say, to this day the foreigner couple and he have remained friends.

Patient Airlift

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What is Medical Evacuation?

So what exactly is medical evacuation, why should this be a standard part of medical insurance, and do you really need this?

Patient Airlift Airgurus

Airgurus Acquires Pneupac Parapac 310 Ventilator

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Becoming the trusted leader in any industry means a significant investment in technology. As the number 1 air ambulance company in the Philippines and one of the leading medevac providers in Asia, Airgurus keeps ahead with the acquisition of the Pneupac ParaPAC Plus 310.