Featured Pilot

Capt. Harry Harvey Lero, C.E.O. and Chief Pilot of Airgurus Ltd. Co., is the third-generation pilot in the Lero clan.

As a little boy, he grew up with his siblings watching their grandfather and father, Capt. Harry Lero, take off and land on helipads all over the Philippines. He even flew with them hundreds of times. While his two other siblings wanted different dreams and professions in life, young Harry Harvey Lero always wanted to be a pilot. He learned everything about helicopters at a very young age.

Fascinated with speed, safety and precision, he formally had his private pilot ground course at PHILSCA and took his commercial ground course and instrument rating ground course at the Asian Aviation Academy. His helicopter ground course and some flight trainings were done at Airworks then later on in Canada and in the U.S.A. for more trainings. With all the formal courses and trainings Capt. Harry Harvey Lero took in life, everything he had to learn was already gradually taught to him in his early teens by his own father and grandfather... the best helicopter flight instructors anyone can ever have.

In 2005, Harry Harvey came back from the US after successful business ventures there and put up Airgurus Ltd. Co. in Manila, Philippines. It was a struggle to begin with, but with his perseverance and goals to make the business thrive, Harry Harvey became one of the most successful helicopter pilot in the Philippines. With his knack on finding the right people and staff to support and share his dreams, goals and passion with, he was able to form a incredibly-dedicated management team that now makes Airgurus Ltd. Co.... the most formidable helicopter and aircraft charter in the country and in Asia.

Hailed by Business Magazine in 2010 as the Master of the Skies, Capt. Harry Harvey Lero is the best and most reliable helicopter pilot in the country. We fondly call him the "Speedmaster" with his ability and skills to provide compelling efficiency, precision, safety and quality service to clients. We also call him the "Extractor" for his personal goals for successfully delivering medically-ill patients through their "golden hours"... the hours between life and death via Airgurus' Air Ambulance / Medevac Service.

Capt. Harry Harvey Lero is indeed, the true Master of the Skies.

Words by:
Jodge Ledesma