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Airgurus Ltd. Co. offers safe, secure, luxury helicopter tours from Manila to the most secluded destinations all over the Philippines. With 7,107 islands through the sunrise, midday, or sunset tour there is just as much to enjoy and much more to see.

The Philippines has not yet been fully developed as a tourist destination so there is much that is yet to be fully explored. The country’s scenic white beaches, beautiful mountains and interesting cultural backdrop have so much to discover.

Our highly-skilled pilots and capable staff know where the ideal locations are for every traveller. With a selection of white sand beaches, beautiful mountain ranges, rainforest and wonders of the world the adventure can be as fantastic as the imagination.

A wide array of aircraft and helicopters caters to the unique needs of tourists. With Airgurus, we give them the total quality service and everything their money is worth.

Take that fantasy getaway with Airgurus, the leader in helicopter tour services.

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