Flight Training

Learn to fly with the masters of the air, Airgurus. Our strict training regimen is meant to make the best professional helicopter pilot possible. We give access to the very best flying environment that will make certain you get the complete training experience.

Backed up by experience in the industry, our instructor pilots are sought out experts in their own specialization. Every instructor is duly licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. With our knowledge and expertise, we also cater helicopter/rotary training. The component of our courses ranges from Ground Schooling, Student-Pilot, Private-Pilot, Commercial-Pilot License to Instrument Ratings. Our modules are formulated to cater to you. The materials needed and helicopter maintenance strictly follows the procedures and standards of "CAAP". A student of Airgurus must complete the 50 hours of flying time for a Private-Pilot Licence, 100 hours for Commercial-Pilot License and pass the CAAP examinations. Our valued students get the best training possible. Airgurus has produced highly-trained, skilled and competent helicopter pilots in record time possible without compromising the knowledge and skills needed.

At Airgurus, our students benefit from the extensive variety of aviation experience held by our instructors through proper action. We train our students by procedure, skills and correct judgment. With Airgurus, our helicopter flight training is only the beginning of creating a safe and professional pilot.