Eurocopter AS350B3e (Airbus Helicopters) 

Medical Evacuation


General data

Empty weight of standard aircraft: 2,780 lbs.

Maximum takeoff weight: 5,225 lbs.

Useful load: 2,455 lbs.

Maximum takeoff weight (with external load): 6,172 lbs.

Usable fuel capacity (standard tank): 143 gal. 

Powerplant: 1 Turbomeca Arriel 2D

Cabin volume: 105.94 cu. ft.

Baggage compartment volume: 35.3 cu.ft.

Standard seating capacity: 1+5 

Max weight: 5,225 lbs.

Capacity: 1 pilot + 5/6 passengers

Powerplant: 1 Turbomeca Arriel 2D


*Performance data

Never exceed speed: 155 kts.

Fast cruise speed: 137 kts.

Maximum range (with no reserves): 349 nm.

Maximum endurance (with no reserves): 
4.2 hrs.

Hover In ground effect ceiling (5 ft. skid height): 11,600 ft.

Hover out of ground effect ceiling: 9,450 ft.

Takeoff power: 847 shp.

Rate of climb: 1,818 fpm.