Airgurus Medical Evacuation Helicopter

Type: multi purpose light utility helicopter

Capacity: Plenty of room for 4 passengers and 1 pilot, powerful and dependable turbine engine, best safety record in its class.

Standard max gross weight : 3,350lbs (1,519kg)
Standard useful load: 1,487lbs (67kg)
Vne (never-exceed speed): 122kn (226km/h)
Engine Take-off power: 420shp (313kW)
Max range: 374nm (694km)
Max. range of 374 nautical miles at max. cruise speed, endurance of 4.5 hours at loiter speed, low acquisition costs, economical operating costs and great resale value.

External loads of up to 1,500 lb., Rolls-Royce 250-C20J engine, rated at 420 SHP, power for speeds to 122 kts. margin-of-safety features include collective-mounted twist-grip engine throttle control and rupture-resistant fuel system.