Air Cargo

We take pride in being one of the fastest and most reliable cargo charter services in the country. We provide the most comprehensive service and efficient staff to resolve all your cargo needs.

Our flight crew is well-equipped to deliver to the most remote places through the most demanding situations in the shortest time possible. We involve you in planning the logistics of the trip to make sure that everything is according to your needs. From pick-up to delivery, our flight crew is always on standby.

All helicopters in our service are installed with the latest GPS navigation and tracking systems to ensure that your cargo is delivered even through hostile strikes or unpleasant weather conditions. We understand the value of your business and the importance of your cargo. For the most cost effective solutions we offer packages to suit your needs and fit your budget. We provide you with personalized delivery to multiple locations. We will find the best solution to your time-critical cargo delivery and hazardous cargo transportation needs. We are a company that believes in providing outstanding reliable service to forge a lasting business relationship.


As an additional service, our helicopter can also transport loads suspended from a cargo hook. This unique transportation method allows delivery to the most remote areas making it possible to perform highly-specialized tasks such as water bucketing, logging, and aerial construction. All our pilots and ground personnel are highly trained to carry-out safe slinging operations.