Looking for the best aviation company which can cater all your aircraft needs? With Airgurus, you’re definitely on the right track. VIP corporate charters, tours, sling loads, film and TV work, search and rescue - just name it and we’ll provide the service for you anytime, anywhere you wish to.

Airgurus Ltd. Co., launched in the year 2007, is a Philippine-based company which provides charter services to both private and public sectors. Being the fastest growing aircraft charter company in the country, services offered range from simple flower dropping to medical evacuation – local, national, and even across the globe. Air ambulance (medevac) services are our priorities though.

It’s about life.

Because we value life the most, we ensure that all medical equipment operated always keeps in track with the latest technological innovations of today. This, together with our crews’ technical expertise, ascertains that patients will get the optimum level of care that they deserve most especially when it comes to matters of life and death.

Life indeed is very precious. Since we put a huge emphasis on our clients’ safety and security needs, we have structured the company with highly-skilled individuals who had undertaken expansive trainings. Airgurus is comprised of a dynamic team of proficient pilots, mechanics, doctors, paramedics and other experts to assist you with your needs.

Beyond the call.

Airgurus has an alarm center which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our state-of-the-art Alarm Center utilizes a real-time satellite-based tracking system which monitors the movement of our fleet from departure to arrival. Our technology is so advanced that an aircraft can be followed all the way down to the street it’s hovering over on its flight path. To ensure the quality of services rendered, factors such as weather conditions, terrain status, airspace issues, and other aspects that may affect the pilots’ flight are also assessed continuously.

Airgurus is so much more than what people classify it as. We actually have a whole lot more to offer. Other services that our company can provide aside from the aforementioned details are aerial photography, flight training, air cargo, exploration drill support, aircraft management, aircraft sales and lease, cloud seeding, spraying, heli sports, traffic reporting, and geomapping.  

More than 7 years of experience in air transport.

Airgurus has been operating for more than six years now both national and global. As a matter of fact, we have had nearly 1000 successful air lifts for the past six years. How are all these made possible? Through the efforts of the company’s CEO and Chief Pilot, Harry Harvey V. Lero, his dream of putting up such kind of business while integrating the value of human life has come to reality. It was indeed a struggle to begin with, but with his perseverance to make the business prosper, he became one of the most successful helicopter pilots in the country while Airgurus became the trusted leader among all aviation industries in the Philippines.

There’s just nowhere else to go!

The company’s head office/hangar is located in Pasay City, Philippines. Its alarm center, on the other hand, can be found in The Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines. Airgurus, being the leading aviation industry in the country, operates with an ever ready extensive fleet of helicopters, turboprops, and jets both in small and medium categories.

With Airgurus, there’s just nowhere else to go! Since we provide you with the best care in the air, Airgurus is indeed the best way to fly anytime, anywhere.